My Art

Original Watercolor and Acrylic Paintings

 Prices range from $55 to $395 based on size and whether framed or just matted.  Use Contact form for information about a specific piece.


Prints of photographs available in the following formats

Gallery Wrapped Canvas.                    Gloss paper Prints

Size (inches).  Cost*.                                Size (inches).  Cost*

12x16               $60                                   8x10                $10

16x20               $80                                   11x14              $18

18x24               $90                                   18x20              $24

24x32               $120  

+ local tax (shipping included)


Notecards created from original art work and/or photos

Individual Cards: $4

Set of 10 - one design (your choice) $35

Set of 6 - artist's choice $20

+ local tax (shipping included)


Custom commissioned paintings

  • Seascapes, landscapes, Local scenes, buildings, homes

  • By written agreement stating goals, medium, size, and matting and/or framing 

  • Non-refundable fee – 50% of agreed price – due prior to beginning work on the commissioned piece